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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Enjoy the ride of Gravity

What: Movie Review

It took a full two days for this reviewer to sum up the best film of the year, GRAVITY. Here is wildfire review's take on it.

Short Review:
From Alfanso Cuorson, the director of Children of Men & Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban comes Gravity, one of the most eeriest and awe inspiring space films ever made. Everything about the film is perfect, and there are several scenes and moments that you won't be forgetting for a long time. Sandra Bullock gives the performance of her career, and the movie proves that Cuorson is one of the most talented up and coming directors in Hollywood today.

In Length:
It seems like it's been years since the first trailer of the film Gravity was released. Now, the movie is finally out, and making tons of money at the box office as well for a sleeper hit. The trailers made the film look absolutely frightening, and full of nausea as you get to see Astronauts in true despair. However, while the film has plenty of that, it's awe inspiring moments, screen shots & sound track make up for it, as well as Bullock's performance. The film is this year's best movie so far.
Despite many fans lashing out of it as a disappointment, the movie is so grand that it makes up for the minor standpoints of the film.
The first 12 minutes of the film is worth seeing it alone as it's truly a defining rush as you become apart of the astronauts working on the Hubble telescope. Clooney plays a veteran astronaut while Bullock is the newcomer.
Sandra Bullock has never been better in a film as has she was in Gravity. You can truly see the emotion and fright in her face as things begin to happen again and again. Most importantly, you believe her and are with her as she struggles to survive in which the film states in the very beginning,
"Life in space in impossible."
Gravity itself is an emotionally wrenching as well because her character goes through so much agony. But above all, the best thing about the movie simply the views.
The views of Earth & Space in IMAX 3-D are breathe taking.
If you learn anything from this movie, it's that if there's an IMAX near you, go see it. Experience the film for yourself. If your a sci fi fan or space fan, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT COMES ON NETFLIX OR REDBOX.
Gravity deserves to be seen in the BIGGEST SCREEN POSSIBLE.
Another great thing about this film is the sound track, which at times is almost nerve racking throughout. It's a perfect musical piece that goes along with the subjects and subject of the film.
The best movie of the year, Gravity is one of those films where if you want to see it, you should. Even if you can't see it in IMAX, seeing it in 3-D at your local movie theater will at least be better than viewing it at home on your laptop

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