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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lotus charms Syracuse at the new F shed market last Friday night

What: Concert Review
Who: Lotus
Where: F Shed Market, Syracuse
When: Friday Night

(F Shed during 95x fest this Summer)

Last Friday night, techno jam band Lotus performed again in Syracuse. This time they played at a new bigger venue than their previous joints at the Westcott, which have all sold out. The band performed instead at the F Shed Market, a new concert joint located behind the Regional Market near Destiny USA. Despite being one of those experimental rock bands with no lead singer, Lotus were extremely entertaining and jammed throughout the night for their 2 piece set that lasted around an hour and 45 minutes.
The light show was exceptionally good, as Lotus have been touring/making music for a while now and know what their doing. Blue and green lights and lasers flooded over the crowd at the F Shed blending in perfectly with the music. The music was good as well as the guitar work, bass work, drum and keyboard blended in smoothly with one another producing a jammy evening that made the crowd dance and swing to the music.
Opening this year, the F Shed Market is slightly bigger than the Westcott. It's in a long warehouse behind the Regional Market and can hold at least twice as many people as the Westcott. Syracuse has a new concert hall folks, which hopefully will mean more bigger named bands performing in the area over the next year or so.

Grade: B+ or A-
3.5 out of 5 stars ***/*

Here is a clip of Lotus:

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