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Monday, November 4, 2013

Oblivion is short handed

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Earlier this year saw the first release of what would be to come many sci fi blockbusters-both hits and misses, to the big screen. Meant to be a beginning summer block buster, Oblivion wants to be a sci fi epic staring Tom Cruise in the lead role as a 'clean up' crew that's sent to an abandoned Earth and Morgan Freeman as a leader of the 'rebels'.

Despite some amazing special effects and grande scenes, Oblivion is one of those movies that lack from a poorly written script that could have made the film much better. It has some of the best special effects scene this year in any movie, and it also benefits from a strong performance from Tom Cruise as Jack, who is in a few surprises throughout the movie. Tom cruise proves that he is not in the mood for slowing down as an actor. However, even with these advantages, the disadvantages of this movie are more.
The biggest unnerving thing about the film is that it borrows from so many other movies. At once you feel like you are watching Attack of the Clones, then the next minute it's the Matrix, and last but not least, a rip off of Independence Day is in the works. Oblivion could have worked much more if it had its own ideas and originality, but unfortunately, it doesn't. It will be one of those sci-fi films that tried to make it to epicness but never did.


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