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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bruce Springsteen's album High Hopes is the first great album of 2014

What: Album Review
Who: Bruce Springsteen
When: January 2014

Welcome to Wildfire Reviews first album review of 2014! Who should it be, why none other then the man himself Bruce Springsteen. Many people missed the fact that Springsteen just released a new album this month called High Hopes. Unfortunately, the album has received many lukewarm reviews. However, despite these reviews, Wildfire Reviews says this album maybe his best effort in the past ten years as an artist. The album is better than his previous effort, Wrecking Ball.
This is classic Bruce Springsteen at his most talented resurrected self. Bruce Springsteen explores America on his new album along with other familiar themes. Each song seems a legendary piece of music in itself, especially the tunes American Skin and Just like Firewood. This is Springsteen at his best, and fans that are uncertain of getting this album because of the lukewarm reviews should ignore them. By all means, pick up High Hopes, and you'll be rewarded and entertained by the best album of the year so far.
Also, Rage against the Machine's lead guitarist Tom Morello joins Bruce Springsteen for a few of the tracks on the album.

Grade: A+

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