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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GTA IV is a masterpiece gaming experience for Storyline

What: Game Review

What: GTA IV

Before Grand Theft Auto 5, there was obviously GTA IV. GTA gaming fans know that for nearly every major release, the GTA franchise is hoping to revolutionize gaming while expanding their universe. For this game, the series takes the player back to Liberty Series, and has a whole butt load of new features on it, including the first ever online missions for GTA.
Just playing for the first 30 minutes one can tell that GTA IV is a completely new piece of machine than San Andreas was. Everything about it seems new, and there's so much more to it. The look in it is exceptional as the games seem to gray scale like never before. However with new things comes taking out some old ones.
While GTA IV offers the best storyline in any GTA game, the game play is a bit off centered from how fun San Andreas was. You can no longer buy businesses as property, or go to the gym to get buff, get fat by eating fast food, or multiple other things that made San Andreas the incredible game that it was.
Despite some of these negatives, GTA IV's biggest strong suite is the story line. The story line is half movie/ half game, as the player gets involved with the story of modern day russian immigrant Niko belic as he travels to Liberty City seeking refuge from Russia and his past. Throughout the way, the player feels sympathy and passion for Niko as he goes through love, hate, revenge, and all the modern emotions in real life with GTA IV. Liberty City of course based on New York, there are some familiar landmarks where epic shootouts take place in the game. The game is worthwhile just for the storyline and all the interesting characters alone that are involved with Niko's criminal activities in Liberty City.
GTA IV is a master story teller game, and one becomes rather fascinated with all the characters towards the middle part of this experience. So before playing online in GTA 5, take a step in a few years and play a game that truly revolutionized the GTA franchise, IV.


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