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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

David Bowie's "The Next Day" is entertaining new piece of music

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Over the years, David Bowie has entertained us with some of music's most genius lyrics ever created. Last year, he released a new album, the Next Day. David Bowie returns full force to the rock scene with an album that's not afraid to, well rock. Despite being slightly wrong, each tune on his new album is worth listening to and has their own melodies and charm. Some stand out more than others, including the loud and catchy tune (You will set the world on fire) which sounds like it belongs on the Hunger Games Soundtrack.
Make no mistake, The next Day is classic David Bowie reborn for the new ages. It's loud, cryptic, and filled with many beautiful noises and energy. Which of course, is what every David album sounds like. Well this album is a slight reminder of classic Bowie, it's also him in new form, trying something different for the new ages. Hell, perhaps he'll even receive a few younger fans with this 'alternative' album.

Grade: B+

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