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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ender's game is a decent sci-fi thriller

What: Movie Review
Who: Ender's Game
When: February 2014

Last year saw the emergence of sci-fi dominating the Hollywood box office leading into 2014. Once a genre whose movies only came out a few times a year, we now seem to have a few sci-fi movies coming out almost every month.
Sweeping into this new found genre is the movie Ender's Game, not to be confused with the Hunger Games. Ender's Game is based on one of the most, if not best, sci fi novel of all time. So the movie had a lot to live up to.
While it may not live up to the awe inspiring sensation the book is, Ender's Game is entertaining itself. It provides sci-fi thrills throughout and even some descent acting. A great cast including Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley helps the movie flow as well. The movie should appeal to most sci fi films and is not a complete let down, and boasts impressive special effects and concepts, including the scenes shot in the 'battle room'. However, that being said, movie could have been done alot better then what it was.


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