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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Lego Movie is.... awesome

What: Movie review
Who: The Lego Movie
When: February 2014

Last weekend saw the emergence of 2014's first great movie: The Lego movie. Without a doubt, the Lego movie is a must see film for any movie goer, not just kids. The laughs are hysterical and never stop. The movie is full of surprises, color, beautiful animation and great voice work that will make it a legend for many years to come.
The Lego Movie is a reminder of when the first Toy Story came out, and yes, its actually that good. The story is completely original, all the characters are great, and the countless lines in it are memorable. This animated movie is not only funny for kids, there's actually al ot of adult and movie references that parents and older viewers will appreciate.
While the movie's animation is something completely original, at first it's a shock to see how they create the many different Lego characters on screen. It takes awhile for you to get use to the movie's certain kind of animation, but once you do, you'll love it.
The best thing about this movie, besides the fact you get to see all your favorite Lego characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, (even Gandolf and Star Wars) is the movie's constant humor. Even if you don't have kids, kick yourself and go out and see 2014's first great movie.
Because you know what?
In the words of its ordinary hero, Emmit, It's Awesome.


Warning -clicking on the below video may result in the song stuck in your head!
Everything is awesome Remix by Tegan & Sara:

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