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Friday, February 7, 2014

Great acting defines Dallas Buyers Club

What: Movie Review
Who: Dallas Buyers Club
When: February 2014

2013 has been a pretty successful year for actor favorite Matthew McConaughey. As few as five years ago, the general public never heard of his name, and now the man is one of the most successful and favorite actors in Hollywood. This year has been no exception as he brought to scale two truly great movies-Mud, and most currently, Dallas Buyers Club. (Fans of McConaughey can also see him in HBO's new detective series True Detective, alongside Woody Harrelson.) Enough of the actor's schedule, lets talk about his most recent flick that's not only been nominated for best picture, but also best actor and supporting actor.

It's easy to say that Dallas Buyers Club rest solely on the two leading actors performances-Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, who both play H.I.V. patients in the 1980s living in Texas. McConaughey delivers another career defining performance as Ron Woodroof who battles the FDA over selling drugs to H.I.V. patients. The man carries the movie from the first scene to the very end, and by the end of it, those who ever doubted his extraordinary acting will admire his performance. While Dallas Buyers Club is hard to watch because of the subject matter, it's worth it to see McConaughey's performance alone. It's worth noting that McConaughey doesn't even look like himself in this movie, (nor does Jennifer Gardner who plays a doctor) and lost over 60 pounds to play the role.

High B+

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