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Friday, January 31, 2014

Moviegoers beware: while worth seeing, Captain Phillips is incredibly intense

What: movie review
Who: Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks
When: January 2014

Hands down, Captain Phillips, the new Tom Hanks film, is by far the most intense movie of the year and perhaps of all time. Beautifully shot, smartly directed and great acting by everyone involved, Captain Phillips is one of the best movies that came out last year in 2013. Please beware, this movie is not for everyone. You will be glued to your seat and unable to look away for the entire film, subtracting snack or even bathroom breaks as u watch the film from start to finish non stop.

The movie is about the events surrounding the Somali piracy of U.S. cargo ship Alabama and the hostage taking of its captain. While most of us may remember the news as it happened only several years ago, the movie is a fresh remember of the history and the events that occurred those nights Phillips was held captive.
It's obvious that Tom Hanks was robbed an Oscar nod for his roll as he was absolutely fantastic in this movie. His performance was luring as Captain Phillips and its very clear that Hanks did his research of how much misery the man went through and was able to perform it exceptionally well on camera. It's Hank's best performance in a film in a very long time.
More pressing however, and rewarding as both the Oscars and Golden globes this year gave credit to Somali actor Barkhad Adbi. The man can sure hold his own, giving a powerful performance that may deserve to be best supporting actor in a film for the year. He is absolutely compelling and even a bit scary as the captain of the Somali Pirates.
While Captain Phillips is not for everyone, those that do take the time to watch the film will be rewarded by its pure greatness as one of the best film of 2013 with great acting performances by Tom Hanks and Barkhad Adbi.

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