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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beck's Morning Phase is classic Beck

What: Album review, Morning Phase
Who: Beck
When: March 11, 2014

No one classifies alternative music like Beck. His long and diverse range of music have captured fans for over two generations, and now, he's returned with his twelfth studio album, Morning Phase. To be blunt, Morning Phase is a huge step up from his previous efforts (except for Guero). Like Pearl Jam, Beck has away of bending and twisting music in many shapes and forms, with slow songs and fast songs alike back to back. Morning Phrase is a more easier album to listen to on a whole and doesn't get boring. It's also something new and interesting, low and behold, maybe even original as Beck finds more sounds to accompany him on his musical journey along with that classical acoustic guitar.
At the same time, the album feels a lot like old beck, especially the acoustic tunes. His lyrics have seem to grown better and wiser. It's one of those albums that will begin to dawn on you more and more as you listen to. To sum it up, Beck's Morning Phase is hip, as Beck almost always is and a delight listen to. By all means, it's an album to listen to in the morning time of day, why? Because it sounds like a fresh and upbeat start.
Since many of Beck's albums can be hit or miss, it should be noted that many fans will be pleased with this new one.


Here is Beck's catchy new single, "Blue Moon":

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