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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Men in Black 3 is a successful return to MIB

What: Movie Review
Who: Men in Black 3
When: March 2014
Why?: A 3rd Men in Black Movie

In 2012 Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reunited for the 3rd Men in Black Film. With a story involving time travel and another version of agent K played by Josh Brolin, Men in Black III may not be necessary, but it's a delightful return to a series that once had a promising feature. While the film may not have some of your favorite aliens in it, it's mostly about the relationship in between Agents J & K, which is what makes it good. Josh Brolin is excellent as a younger version of K and adds new comic lines and an adventurous new face to the series. By all means, the 3rd movie is twice as good as the II Men in Black film and fans won't be disappointed.

B or B +

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