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Sunday, April 27, 2014

All Time Low "Punk Up" the F shed

What: Concert Review
Who: All Time Low
Where: F Shed Market, Syracuse
When: April 26th, 2014
Why: As part of their cities they don't visit too often tour

Syracuse seems to love Baltimore based pop punk band All Time Low. The group recently sold out concerts the past several times they visited the city while playing the Westcott theater. This time, once the show was sold out at the Westcott, they moved to the larger and newer venue F Shed Market.
All Time Low was actually better than expected, and MUCH better than the opening bands. Their performance rocked the F Shed, despite the place suffering from indoor sound issues since it's basically a long ass metal shed. The best moment of the concert perhaps was when lead singer Alex Gaskarth picked up an acoustic guitar and did two of their sounds acoustic solo. It was a charming moment in other wise a very face passed and punk music filled night.
It was relatively freezing outside for being close to May in Upstate NY, but that didn't stop the young crowd from experiencing one of their favorite punk bands live. When I say young the majority of it was mostly high school kids and even younger ones screaming their hearts desires. Most of the younger crowds were female, bringing up a ratio of around 3 females to 1 guys  at the F Shed. All Time Low seemed to know that they attract mostly young females during their concerts, as they constantly joked about female and male body parts on stage throughout their set.
Despite this, their were males there and everyone in the crowd was jumping up and down and was seeming to have a good time last night.
The opening bands might have completely sucked, but All Time Low proved the concert was worth going to to die hard fans. The guitars rocked sweetly and smoothly, and lead singer's Alex Gaskarth's vocals matched up with them well and did not suffer any hitches, which sometimes is the case with punk rock. The band had a diverse set list as well, playing songs from all around their 11 year old discography of music.
The setbacks of the show wasn't necessarily about the band themselves and weren't their fault. It was mostly about the crowd, which could have been much more diverse especially for Syracuse, NY, and also the new venue that suffers from noise problems due to the fact it's a closed in metal shed. Besides all of that, All Time Low was a relatively fun experience.
Even though it does have issues with sound, last night proved that the F Shed concert in Syracuse is a new venue and isn't going anywhere just yet.


Photo Credit Justin Tarbell (More coming soon!)

Set list:
1) Do you want me (Dead)
2) So Long Soldier
3) The Irony of a Choking on a lifesaver
4) Stella
5) For Baltimore
6) Break Your little Heart
7) Lost in Stereo
8) Six Feet Under the Stars
9) Vegas
10) Guts
11) Weightless
12) Remembering Sunday
13) Therapy
14) Damned if I do Ya (Named if I don't)
15) My Own Worst Enemy (Lit Cover)
16) Teenage Dirt bag
17) Somewhere in Neverland
18) Time Bomb
19) Backseat Serenade

20) The Reckless and the Brave
21) A Love Like War
22) Dear Maria, Count me In

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