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Monday, April 28, 2014

Cats & Folk: Inside Llewyn Davis hits the spot

What: Movie Review
Who: Inside Llewyn Davis, the new film by the Coen Brothers
When: April 2014
Why: Another film by the master directors

It's easy to say that when a Coen Brothers film comes out, everyone wants to watch it, no matter what the subject is. Because it wasn't widely released like True Grit was, many people still have not heard of Inside Llewyn Davis. But they should. It's the new movie by Ethan and Joel Coen, and while it may be slow at some points, it's one of their finest movies they've ever done.
The movie is about the folk era of the 60's outside of Bob Dylan. It focuses on a folk singer and guitarist who is very good and talented, but did not successfully make it into the music scene. One of the story arcs in the movie revolves around him trying to take care of cats as well as himself, hense the title of this review.
It's a beautiful movie the way it's shot, scripted and acted. Inside Llewyn Davis is many things, including funny, depressing, dark, interesting & compelling, despite the slow pacing of the film.  If it wasn't a Coen brothers film, it could be viewed as a little odd and a bit strange, but since it's done by them, everyone should expect something new and different.
One of the best things about the film is the acting, and a superb cast. Everyone in the cast does an excellent acting job in this film, especially newcomer Oscar Isaac as the folk singer. One person who was greatly missed by the Oscars and golden globes this year for his performance (as he always is) is John Goodman, who plays a small but powerful part in the film.
Inside Llewyn Davis is a superb film. The disadvantages of the movie is that it can be a bit slow and repetitive. The biggest thing about it that may be a plus or minus is the movie is EXTREMELY depressing, so if your in for a movie with a happy ending, don't watch this one. However, the good things about the film greatly out way the bad things. For Anyone that's a music fan, especially into folk music, it's a must see.


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