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Monday, April 14, 2014

Can a movie have too much sex?

What: Movie Review
Who: The Wolf of Wall Street
When: April 2014
Why: The Oscar nominated film & actor

Sticking behind his main man, Martin Scorsese returns to the film industry with Leonardo DiCaprio in their latest team effort, The Wolf Of Wall Street. The film is action packed, and falls under multiple genres. While its by far from a comedy, it does have some comedic moments to it. The fast pace action in the film doesn't make it all feel like the three hours it actually is, so don't let that keep you from watching it.
The movie brings forth an obvious question, however.
Can there be too much sex in a film for someone to enjoy it? Or Drugs?
The answer is both yes and no, and it all depends on who your seeing it with. The Wolf of Wall Street is rated R for a reason, and the film does have over a dozen sex scenes in it. It may be slightly unpleasant watching it with family members. However, that's all part of the movie and what the movie displays who the characters of Wall Street were at the time. Its because of this that the movie doesn't suffer from too much sex within it, however it wouldn't have hurt if they cut down on a few scenes.
Sex isn't the only rated R element in the movie, either.
That is who they were, and the film shows that beautifully.
Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill were simply incredible in this film, showing off their acting talents. If your not a fan of Jonah Hill, you sure will be by the end of Wall Street. He kind of steals the movie.
The Wolf of Wall Street is no doubt a great film and it may even be a masterpiece. While it's a reminder of Johnny Depp's Blow, it is different in many ways. Fans of Blow should no doubt watch this movie, though and they will be delighted.

or B+

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