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Friday, May 30, 2014

X men is the best movie of the year so far

What: Movie Review
Who: X men Days of Future Past
When: End of May
Why: the 7th film in the series

The summer is continuing at the movies with another blockbuster film, X-Men, Days of Future Past. The film is surprisingly the best film of 2014 so far, and everything about it is perfectly done. The action sequences, acting, storyline and special effects are all in top notch film and Days of X Men Past maybe the franchise's best movie.
What's great about this film is that it combines all the characters from the previous X men movies as well as the new faces of X Men: First class. While you may think its way too many characters, its not. Original X men director Bryan Singer returns to the helm and beautifully crafted the characters to work well with each other. You can tell all the actors were having great fun in the movie, including new comers Jennifer Lawrence as Mistique, and a guilty pleasure to see Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage as a character.
Some of the best scenes in the movie are when the two versions of Charles Xavier played by James McAvoy as a younger version of himself and Patrick Stewart get some face time with one another. What X Men first class is about isn't a main villain, but advances in the character developments that we all love, which is done fantastically.
Its nice to know that sometimes Hollywood can produce insanely enjoyable block buster movies that can be appreciated by the fans that made the X Men movies as popular as what they are today.


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