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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Do the Cruise Dance: Tom Cruise still has it

What: Movie Review
Who: Edge of Tomorrow
When: June 2014
Where: Oswego movie theater
Why: Another big sci-fi block buster

While the title of this review refers to an older Tom Cruise movie, Tropic Thunder, this is about his newest sci-fi adventure, Edge of Tomorrow. While it may just look like another sci fi alien/time travel movie, Edge of Tomorrow actually packs an awesome punch to it. It's a great film over all, and one of the best science fiction films in recent years.
The movie is about the main character, played by Cruise, that's undauntedly thrown into a battle against alien life forms that have invaded the planet. However, just before the main character dies, he high jacks the alien power to time travel, or in this movie, to repeat every day before you die.
You'd think the movie might be boring or tiring because of all the repeats it does, but its not. The action is great and non stop throughout the movie. Tom Cruise is simply brilliant, and lets face it, the man knows how to pull off these types of summer block busters extremely well. He plays the part perfectly. Another acting surprise in the film is by his co-star Emily Blunt, who, as well as looking pretty damn sexy, is great with the roll she plays.
Great special effects, acting, storyline, and directing make Edge of Tomorrow not just a block buster worth seeing, but one of the best sci-fi films in recent memory and well worth seeing even for those people who may dislike the Scientology guy.

Worth Seeing

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