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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sharon Van Etten releases the best album of her career so far

What: Music Review
Who: Sharon Van Etten
When: June 2014
Why: Her 3rd Studio Recording

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, new singer song writer Sharon Van Etten (who's only recently been active in the music scene since 2009) has released her third studio album, Are we There.
The indie folk artist talents seem to be growing with each effort she produces. To be fair, Are We There is Etten's best album to date by a large margin. The music on the album catapults her into new and different territory from all her previous efforts.
The album signifies that Sharon Van Etten is in full command of her voice which is in true form. She's mastered the hallow sounds she's known for, and the musical instruments sound great mixed in with her unusual voice. Every song is a bit different from the other, which is a good thing.
One thing about Are We There is that it takes time to get use to. While it may have some unusual steady points halfway through, by the end of it, one may truly realize what a great and different piece of work this artist has produced.
Sharon Van Etten's confidence is overwhelming and in full command, proving that this up and coming artist is one to watch out for in the near future.


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