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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ringo Starr and his All star Band remind everyone about peace and love

What: Concert Review
Who: Ringo Starr and his all star Band
Where: CMAC
When: Saturday, June 7th
Why: As part of a super group collaboration between Ringo and a number of odd rock stars
Ringo Star Performs at CMAC 2014

It was a beautiful day for a concert this past Saturday as Ringo Star and His All Star band rocked the weekend at CMAC, one of the best places to see live music in Upstate NY during the summer. The concert Saturday night only featured Ringo Star's group with no opening band, but after it was over, one can understand why. The band performed an impressive two hour-twenty five song set list that included tunes from every member of the band. It was a rocking good time. Despite his age, Ringo still looks good and can perform as well as entertain, despite being that 'average' Beatles' drummer many claim.
The other members of the group were just as important as Ringo himself. Even Ringo stated 'each member of this band is an all star in his way.' The group consisted of seven rock gods spanning from several different eras.

The All star group included:
Guitarist Steve Lukather from Toto
Richard Page, bassist and lead singer from Mr. Mister & Pages
Keyboardist Gregg Rollie from the original founding members of Santana
And multi-instrumentalist Todd Rundgren who's been in a number of 80's bands including Meat Loaf, Edgar Winter, Grand Funk Railroad, and more
Several more musicians were also in the group.

The band did an above average job on many of the super hits of the 70s and 80s that belonged to each member of the group.
Some of the highlights of the show included the band performing several Beatles' songs that Ringo wrote, including 'Yellow Submarine' and 'With a Little Help From My Friends'. Ringo's charm and surprising energy made the concert better than what one might expect.  They weren't fantastic by any means, but they weren't horribly bad either. And of course, most the crowd at CMAC this time being past the age of fifty. Most of them were too old to get up and dance, which would have been nice, but there was a few pockets of people that actually did and were entertaining to watch.
The highlights of the show were the impressive two hour set list, Ringo, and the other members of the band each performing their hits. The concert was like a greatest hits from the 70s and 80s performed live with a strong message of peace and love.

B+ or *** in half out of 5 stars

Set list:
1) Matchbox (Carl Perkisn cover)
2) It Don't Come Easy
3) Wings
4) I Saw the Light (Todd Rundgren)
5) Evil Ways (Willie Bobo cover/Gregg Rolie)
6) Rosanna (Toto covoer/Steve Lukather)
7) Kyrie (Mr. Mister Cover/Richard Page)
8) Bang the Drum all Day (Todd Rungren)
9) Boys (The Shrielles cover)
10) Don't Pass me by (Beatles)
11) Yellow Submarine (Beatles)
12) Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Green (Santana/Gregg Rolie)
13) Honey Don't (Carl Perkins)
14) Anthem
15) You are Mine (Richard Page)
16) Africa (Toto/Gregg Rolie)
17) Oye Como va (Santana/Gregg Rolie)
18) Love is the Answer (Utopia/Todd Rungren)
19) I wanna be Your Man (Beatles)
20) Broken Wings (Mr. Mister/Richard Page)
21) Hold the Line (Toto/Steve Lukather)
22) Photograph
23) Act Naturally (Buck Owens)
24) With a Little Help from my Friends (Beatles)
25) Give Peace a Chance (The Plastic Ono Band)

Photo Credit Leo Pareti

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