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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

True Blood Season 6 leaves a sour taste

What: T.V. series
Who: True Blood
Why: Sixth Season of the HBO Vampire Series
When: Summer 2014

It's summer, and that means while everyone is taking a break from Game of Thrones, those public wearing vampires of True Blood have returned. Currently the final season of the show is being aired on HBO, but now lets take a look at the previous Season, Season 6.
Despite Vampire Bill having new powers, this season is a huge letdown. Everything that the show has been building up to results in lukewarm lackluster television that's the opposite of fun. Even everyone's favorite Vampire Eric's storyline is uninteresting and just a 'so what'.
The season's newest character, Warlow, was suppose to be a bad ass vampire but in result we get a twilight copy of a sappy person that's been around for 3,000 years, and of course he's interested in Sookie because what vampire isn't?
True Blood needs to majorly pick it up if they want to end the series on a good note and return to its formal glory.
The only good thing about the season is perhaps the continuing of the characters Sarah and Reverend Steve Nolan from the second season.


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