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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Despite it being super hot inside, Lake Street Dive provide the best concert of the year

What: Concert Review
Who: Lake Street Dive
Where: Westcott Theater
When: June 26th, 2014
Why: As Part of the group's 2014 North American Tour

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Despite it being around 85-90 degrees inside the Westcott Theater as everyone packed themselves in, up and comers Lake Street Dive proved themselves as the best concert of 2014 so far. Even lead singer Rachel Prize commented several times, 'It's hot in here.'
However, most of the crowd didn't seem to mind the heat and were lured by the band's awesome performance. The mixed age group crowd was definitely into the band as they cheered loudly, danced and clapped their hands.
 Lake Street Dive's first time in Syracuse was sold out and a sign that the group won't be up and comers for long but a major force in the music industry in the next coming years.
Even though there wasn't any fans or air circulation in the Westcott, everyone that's ever been there knows its one of the best places to see live music in Syracuse, NY simply because of the sound system, which paid off at this concert.
Every instrument the four piece group played sounded pristine, and Rachel Price's voice was awe inspiring from the first song to the last.
This woman clearly has talent, and it shows powerfully with the incredible range she has. How her voice almost 'skips' singing sometimes is amazing. She has a dominating stage presence dancing around in her black dress to the band's music.
The other members of the jazz group were fantastic as well, and you could tell from listening to them that these musicians have great experience and know how to play extremely well.
The best of the bunch was the stand up bassist Bridget Kearney who seemed to bring her own unique style to the band, especially during her solos.
Lake Street Dive was the best concert of 2014 because of how well these musicians played with each other. Their music flowed sweetly, almost perfectly, and the harmonies were even sweeter. They maybe up and coming jazz soul artists, but they have great talent that will catch many people's ears in the coming future. Rachel Price is not only a beautiful woman but an extremely talented musician with a great voice.


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