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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What to Watch (Streaming:) Defiance is a thrill seeking fun time

What to Watch on Amazon Prime Instant:
Defiance is a thrill seeking good time
What: TV show
Who: Defiance
Where: Amazon Prime Instant
Why: As Part of Wildfire Review’s what to what series

Every week Wildfire Reviews we’ll be highlighting a what to watch series from Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime. This week will feature Scy-Fi channel’s newest hit, Defiance, not to be confused with the movie that came out several years ago about a Jewish rebellion in WWII.
Defiance is a surprisingly superbly done new television show that’s currently in its second season being aired on the Scy-Fi channel. The pilot is well done enough to keep viewers interested and wanting more of this unusually bizarre show about a post apocalyptic Earth after an alien invasion. The plot sounds all too familiar; however this show offers unique concepts, great characters and mythology that’s rare for new television shows these days.  Not to mention great special effects.
Think Dune meets District 9 meets Doctor Who and you kind of get the idea of what the show’s like. The makeup and costume designs are excellent, and there isn’t a dull character on the show, which opens Defiance up for some interesting and fascinating possibilities in the near future.
Defiance is only available for Amazon Prime members, or you can watch recent episodes on the Scy-Fi channel’s website or cable on demand.
Rating:  A or B+

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