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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gaslight Anthem's new album is sub par C+

What: Album Review
Who: Gaslight Anthem
When: August 2014
Where: Oswego
Why: The Band's fourth studio album

It's hard to believe that the Gaslight Anthem has been around for over a dozen years now and produced four full length studio records. The Jersey Boys have gained such commercial and musical success that they've been dawned as 'The Bruce Springsteen Band' of the new century. Even Bruce himself as sat along with the group to play a few songs.
Brian Fallon's staple voice has carried the band through its strongest moments, and even on this album, which unfortunately is their weakest to date, its the best thing there and it stands out like always. The song writing ability is always in good form with the Gaslight Anthem, and they sure know how to produce some epic rock ballads. However, It seems like this time around the group is trying too hard.
Most of the greatness and that unique sound the band has to offer is still there, but nothing has changed and that 'American' feel seems to have left on this album, which was a prime staple for the group. It's almost as if the bands producers said, 'Hey, can you guys tone it down on this album so we can gang some new older fans?' Which, in all likeliness, is what happened.
This is the Gaslight Anthem, and die hard fans are expecting something crazy, punk and filled with Americana, not a halfway album that seems to run out of gas in the midst of things and tries to save itself at the end.
There is still effort and craftsmanship here, but the Gaslight Anthem sound is as off as it ever was, and hopefully the boys can come back with something new and brilliant to gain more support of their old fans.


Single from album (and title track)

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