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Friday, August 15, 2014

Samantha Fish powers through the Westcott

What: concert review
Who: Samantha Fish
When: August 14th, 2014
Where: Westcott Theater
Samantha Fish Performs at the Westcott August 2014

Last night, Oklahoma City native and blues woman Samantha Fish overpowered the Westcott Theater with a near two hour long set. Despite a small crowd, the show was excellent, and the 23 year old guitarist and vocalist won over them all as she plowed through a great set list.
The set list arranged from tunes from both her albums she has released, as well as several covers from John Hait and others. Hait, Fish said, is a huge influence for her. The covers sounded great as well with Samantha adding her own bluesy twist to them, especially War Pigs at the end of her set. Highlights of the songs she sings of her own included a great power driven performance of her ‘Reno’ tune and ‘Go to Hell’.
The woman sure can play the guitar, and as she warmed up to the crowd and venue, everyone knew this by the third or fourth song. She introduced a new and rather unusual looking guitar which was given to her a week or so ago that resembled a cigar box. This guitar sounded amazing mixed in with the several ones she kept handy by her side.
The band consisted of two other members, including renowned bassist Scott Sutherland. They were both fantastic musicians as well, adding their own mixture of power house blues to Samantha’s sweet vocals and guitar playing.
By the end of the set you either wanted to start learning how play or just playing the guitar yourself when you got home if you already knew how.
“You either are born knowing how to play guitar or not,” fellow concert goer and photographer Matt Paufve proclaimed. “She is one of the ones that was born knowing how to play.”
Even at the end of the set, it was obvious that the band still had energy left within them and probably could play for another hour, with Samantha barely even breaking a sweet it seemed despite wearing high heels.
Samantha looked great as well in a black dress and high heels, adding a bit of class to the 'throwbackness' of the Westcott.
It was a great blues show, and well worth going to. Samantha Fish and her band has tons of energy and talent, with potential going through the roof.
Her music sounds like a little bit of Grace Potter mixed in with Buddy Guy and fast paced blues, which is always an excellent thing.

Performance Grade: A
Photos by Matt Paufve:

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