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Monday, August 11, 2014

Questions & Answers with Samantha Fish

What: Interview session
Who: Samantha Fish
Where: Phone Interview
Why: as part of her new East coast tour and Westcott Theater show in two days.

Wildfire Review's Questions & Answers
Samantha Fish

Questions & Answers for Samantha Fish

Question: Where are you guys actually from?

Samantha Fish-Were from Kansas City. Its nice because the Midwest is a great place to start tours and go to places from here, its just a good starting point, plus Chicago and other big cities aren't too far away.

Question-You said guys just left for a new East Coast tour today. Is it ever hard leaving home for a tour?

Samantha Fish-We've done this for so long that it's not. It also depends on how far were going and how long were left. With a short tour like this one that’s only two weeks it isn’t too bad.

Question-You guys have played Syracuse at least once before, are you excited to play somewhere new in the city?

Samantha Fish-We played Dinosaur Barbeque earlier this year, and that was great. They have amazing food their and we hope to head back over if we have some spare time to catch some grub. We love playing theaters and festivals so were excited to play the Westcott!

Question: What is your most memorable concert you’ve played yet?

 Samantha Fish: All the tours we do are really memorable, but one that really stands out is we did a special music concert at an island in the Caribbean earlier this year called ‘Big John’. It was awesome because there wasn’t any actual hotels on the island, so the festivals asked local people to house the bands for the weekend they were playing. We ended up staying at a 6 million dollar home on one of the mountains there with fantastic views of the ocean. The blues festival itself was actually at a ball part in the city, it was really a great experience. It was cool to be able to perform at the festival and be able to walk onto the beach on the ocean as well.

Question-That sounds awesome!  While on tour on the bus, do you guys have any hobbies or what do you do for entertainment?

Samantha Fish-I listen to music all the time. I can never get bored with it-I also draw a lot, like right now I’m drawing a design for one of our new band t shirts.

Question-What do you guys do on your time off during your tours?

Samantha Fish-We like to do the whole sight seeing thing when were visiting cities. We play the tourist role a lot!

Question-So how old were you when you first started playing music?

Samantha Fish-I was 13 when I started playing the guitar and 15 When I started playing drums.

Questions-What made you decide to want to play the blues vs any other genre of music?

Samantha Fish-Well, we aren’t just a blues band, were also rock and roll and maybe even a bit of country too, but just when I started playing music, the blues spoke to me most of all.

Question-So what are some of your music influences?

Samantha Fish-In the early phases of my life it was classic rock and roll, then I started listening to other genres of music. I was a huge Tom Waits fan and still am, and I love John Hait as well. The biggest influence in my life right now is Tom Petty, I love Petty.

Question-Petty is always a great influence. What are some of your blues influences?

Samantha Fish-I love listening to the blues from northern Mississippi and the Louisiana delta. That’s my favorite  kind of blues especially from Fat Possum Records.

Question-Do you guys have any new music coming out?

Samantha Fish-not right now, we just released a new album last year, but the songs are getting a bit rusty and we ‘d like to get back into the studio around November.

Question-Do you guys write most of your songs?

Samantha Fish-yes we do, we have a few covers but for the most part we write all of our own songs.

Question-As a songwriter, are your song based on in real life experiences, or is it more stories with different characters?

Samantha Fish-it’s a bit of both. I love song writing because it can mean so many things to so many people. Its amazing that 30,000 people can be at a Tom Petty concert and for each person his songs can mean something different to them.

Question-Have you guys ever played Europe before?

Samantha Fish-yes we have! I love going over there, it’s a totally different experience. We’ve been to a lot of foreign countries, New Zealand, and Canada as well.

Me-Very awesome. Well good luck on your new tour and have fun! The Westcott is an awesome venue in Syracuse and has a great sound system-hopefully you’ll guys will have some free time to eat a good meal at the Dinosaur Barbeque.

Check this tune out of hers while your here!

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