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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

They Want My Soul is a midway good album

What: Album Review
Who: Spoon
When: August 2014
Why: The bands eight studio album

It's hard to imagine the band Spoon has been around for eight consecutive studio albums, but that they have. Now in 2014 the band is back with new material and a supporting tour.
Everyone's favorite indie rockers are back with their eighth studio album, They Want My Soul. Is it good and worth listening to? Check. Is it a masterpiece? No, but its an album that is great to listen to and doesn't hurt the ear drums or make you turn away from it, and that's say something that many bands simply cannot do these days.
But this isn't any band, this is Spoon. Out of every new indie group today they know how to produce new music, and produce it good. The album is detailed and although nothing new from the band, its quality is still excellent, and lead singer Britt Daniels is on top form in most of the tunes.
Its as if the band has found their soles themselves and really know how to narrow down on the sound they created that is unlike any other modern rock group today. The album is a mixture of popiness, indieness and rockness, and that's exactly what were expecting from Spoon.
The biggest disappointment on this album is unfortunately their first single, which doesn't at all mix with the rest of the tunes and sounds a bit mellowed out and uninteresting. However once you get past that tune the rest of the album is worth a listen to, and Spoon fans will be pleased.


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