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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interpol new's album is good but not great, B

What: album review
Who: Interpol
When: September 2014
Why: The bands fifth studio album

After a four year break, the New York indie rock heroes Interpol have returned with a new album and supporting tour. Their back into the music scene and most specifically, the indie charts. These are the guys that helped make indie music so popular and what is today over the course of their twelve year existence so far.
Let's get one thing out of the way. 'El Pintor', the new album by Interpol, is no where near as good as 'Turn on the Bright Lights'. That album created their unique sound that defines Interpol as who they are and no other band, despite several others who have tried mimicking them over the years.
However, 'El Pintor' does have its own uniqueness to it. It's not completely bad, but it's not completely amazing either. It sounds a bit scratchy at several parts, and although its a fresh new sound from the band, these guys have tons of talent and could have done things a little bit better.
It's hard to hear lead singer Paul Bank's at all throughout most of the album which is a big let down because he's got the perfect voice that blends in with Interpol's music when it really shines through.
Another lacking thing on the album is that they were no clear stand out tunes like they were on 'Turn on the Bright Lights' or 'Antics.'
On the plus side,
The guitars on this album sound great and are clearly the best thing about it. The album is a refreshing sound to Interpol yet its still familiar that most fans could agree with. However, based on previous albums by these guys, they could have done better, something more unique and fresh despite the hype being somewhat less appealing then what it was several years ago surrounding them. While die hard fans might be pleased, it may be hard for the group to come up with some new newbies.

Grade: B

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