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Friday, September 12, 2014

What you should watch on your streaming device: BSG

What: TV Review
Who: Battlestar Galactica
When: August 2014
Why: as part of Wildfire Reviews what to watch series

Edit: Battlestar Galactica is now off of Netflix and All streaming Devices!

It's hard to believe that over five years ago the final season of Battlestar Galactica ended. It wasn't just the final season of the show, it was an era of television that captured science fiction fans and gained a cult following that exceeded the original show, challenging Trekkies and star wars groupies alike.
While BG can be hard to watch during some of its slower moments, if you stick with it, its one of the most satisfying and paid off shows to watch on recent television.
This show was the reason why the Scy-Fi channel had become so popular, and after just one year, it gained such a fan base that even Adama couldn't argue with.
Why? It's pure science fiction. The Cylons are such beautifully crafted and well done that they've become images in sci-fi culture even today. The special effects in this show are top notch, and while sometimes the characters do get a little boring some, when they show off their best sides it really show as great character development, especially towards the end of the show.
While the show really didn't invent the whole 'super sexy female ladies can be robots' images, it sure did bring that point up to light. And BS did invent that lovable television curse word, 'Frak' which is used in several other shows now (including Veronica Mars, which constantly makes references to Battlestar as well.)
It's hard to be a sci-fi show and have a good balance between character development, mythology and storyline, but Battlestar Galactica does it superbly well.
By the end of the fourth season you are fascinated to find out what happens to the Human Fleet and their Cylon counterparts.
Its a show where you even love the bad guys as much as the good guys. (Can you say Six anyone?)
Its worth watching to any sci-fi fan who hasn't yet discovered its amazing presence, and who knows, maybe we have a little bit of Cylon in all of us.

Grade: A+

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