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Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Pornographers new album is fantastic, A-

What: Album Review
Who: New Pornographers
When: August: 2014
Why: The Band's 6th Studio Album

Six albums later and the New Pornographers are still going strong. It's hard to believe that the band is still together, but amazing, this group that came together at the turn of the new century still has all the original members. While Neko Case has made a huge name for herself outside of the group, she hasn't forgotten how she started her musical upbringings with the punk indie rock group The New Pornographers. Now they've come back with their sixth studio album, Brill Bruisers, and they haven't let up a bit.
The New Pornographers is a group where every album they've ever released never is a bad one, and Brill Bruisers falls into that category. In fact, its one of the better albums they have produced. While it may not offer many new sounds, its the band's traditional music that they've created. In fact, The New Pornographers feels like a roll back in time to the late 70s and early 80s of the beginnings of punk which is a fantastic thing.
The album is fast paced and full of impressive hooks that leave a powerful setting and mood swing that's nothing but good and thoughtful to its listeners. Lets face it, Neko Case is an amazing female lead vocalist, and she is excellent compared with the New Pornographers lead male singer, especially on this new album which truly appreciates their pairings.
The New Pornographers take a step back into time with Brill Bruisers, but that's a wonderful thing. The album is crisp, unique and solidifies the band sound as their own and nobody else's. Fans will rejoice.



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