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Thursday, September 4, 2014

What to Watch on your instant streaming device: ARROW

What: What to watch on your instant streaming device
Who: Arrow Season 1
When: September 2014:
Why: Because the New Season is coming out to Netflix this month
Where: On Netflix

Welcome to Wildfire Review's own 'weekly' binge series where we pick what's best for you to watch on Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and Netflix, the three big home instant devices. Since the last few weeks we've featured only T.V. shows and movies on Amazon, we'll be featuring all Netflix shows this month. With Season 2 coming out on Netflix just around the corner, it's everyone's job now to catch up on your newest favorite TV super hero-Green Arrow.
The show is called "Arrow" not to be mixed in with the Green Arrow 'Oliver Queen' that was on Smallville for years on CW. In fact, to begin with, this show is completely different and shows a new light onto the character that Smallville may have missed.
Arrow is a show that is surprisingly one of if not the best T.V. that the CW has ever offered, despite it being a bit Gothic and dark. Everything about the show is surprisingly good, and by the third episode of Season 1, you'll be hooked. The set pieces are dreary and fantastically well down, especially the scenes on the island. The lead actor is great as Oliver Green, and there some other good acting jobs int he show as well that will leave you hooked and wanting more of some of your favorite characters besides Queen.
Arrow is a show that keeps literally on getting better with every episode, and is one of the very few shows where there is not an entire bad part in all of season 1.
The only bad thing about the show is that there are extremely bad characters that don't seem to have a lot of character development going on that should. Hopefully Season 2 will show an improvement in the characters of Laurel and Oliver's little sister.
Besides fairly good acting and set pieces, the cinematography is something special to behold on this show as well as the storyline and directing.  It's as as if the CW finally found its footing for once and said, 'Hey, let's actually produce some good quality T.V.' What's good about 'Arrow' is that the show offers lots of Mythology and questions for fans to ripe on, and its very well a show worth getting into for any super hero or sci-fi buff.

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