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Friday, September 26, 2014

Ryan Adams new album is surprisingly good

What: Album Review
Who: Ryan Adams
When: September 2014
Why: The artists 14th Studio Album

39 Year old American singer song writer Ryan Adams has returned with his fourteenth studio album. That's saying a lot, but somehow after all these efforts and years, his new work shows that he hasn't lost his touch just yet.
Ryan Adams sounds more like Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers than ever before on his new self titled studio album, but in his own way. And this certainly isn't a bad thing because it's not like Ryan Adams is stealing anything from Petty like several other artists have done in the past.
Every song on the album stands out on its own, and its one of the finer musical works Adams has done in a long while now. It's one of those albums that warms up to you more and more after the first few times you listen to it, and that's a great thing.
The production on this album is top notch and you can tell Adams and his team really put their effort into this one, it sounds wonderful and his voice is stronger than ever.
Some of the better songs on the album are surprisingly not his radio single, but his own 'My Wrecking Ball', 'Feels like Fire', 'Shadows' and 'Kim'.
The album shows that Ryan Adams still has undeniable talent, and his fans won't be disappointed.
New Single:

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