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Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Flash is this year's best TV show so far

TV show Review
The Flash
When: October 2014
As Part of DC Comic's never ending TV expansion Universe

Everyone talks about Marvel's cinematic universe and how great all the movies have turned out over the years. However few discuss the roll DC comics have had on television since the 1990's and even before that. While Marvel dominates the big screen, its easy to say that DC has dominated the small screen and that perhaps DC super heroes have always been better fit on your television.
This year is no exception, with Gotham and now The Flash.
The Flash is by far this year's best television show.
It's fantastic, and it feels like everything every fan boy would want it to be as well as bringing in some newbies to its highly entertaining pleasure. And yes, the show stays VERY true to the DC character.
The Flash comes out as not just a spin off of another DC great comic TV show, 'Arrow', but holds its own and shows a great promising feature. The characters in the show are all great, and while it does feel like it has a completely campy atmosphere, that actually benefits the show in more ways than one.
Everything screams out super hero, but that's a good thing. At the end of the first episode, which feels more like a movie than a TV show itself, everyone will be wanting more

'The Flash"


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