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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weezer's new album is good but not great, B+

Who: Weezer
What: Everything will be alright in the end
When: October 2014
Why: The band's ninth studio album

As a music reviewer, this one was surprisingly one of the most thought provoking and harder reviews to put on after listening to the album a few times (which usually happens before any review at Wildfire Reviews).
Weezer has returned to the music world by force with its new album, Everything Will be Alright in the End and super catchy radio smash, Back to the Shack.
It's easy to say that Weezer has some die hard fans that have been worth the nerd rock heroes since the beginning, but harder to say that yes, the new album won't disappoint them. It's one of the band's better releases in the past dozen years and is a constant reminder of the group's older days.
But is that necessarily a good thing?
The new album, while even the title is a bit catchy in itself, has some stumbles. Some of the tunes sound a bit off, but there are others that sound better than ever and absolutely fit perfectly on the album like 'Eulogy of a Rock Band'.
It's a catch 22, which basically describes Weezer's entire career. (In a good way).
The bottom line about the new album is that some songs fit but others do not.
That being setter, lead singer's Rivers Cuomo's voice fits right in with every tune. Die hard fans won't be disappointed, but Weezer maybe a bit hard pressed to get more new fans.
Like most Weezer albums, the radio hit single doesn't sound anything like the rest of the other tunes.

Overall grade:

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