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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekly Binge: Gotham is exciting new fall tv, A

What: Weekly Binge
Who: Gotham
Where: FOX
When: October 2014

It's fall and that means all new television shows for people to sink their teeth in. What better show to do that then one that expands one of America's favorite super heroes, Batman. However,  Gotham doesn't actually star Batman at all but focuses around the world Bruce Wayne lives in as a child.
Despite familiar themes like the never ending one where Bruce's parents are murdered in front of him, Gotham has become one of if not the best new television show of 2014.
Amazing set pieces along with production, direction and acting skyrocket Gotham to being eye popping pleasure everyone can enjoy, even though the show often can be a bit too gory for kids.
Interesting characters and expanding mythologies of the Batman myth make the viewer more compelled to watch even more, especially of what will happen to 'The Penguin'.
Find out on fall's hottest new television show, Gotham.


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