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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is good but not great, B-

What: Movie Review
Who: Interstellar
When: November 2014
Where: Oswego movie theater
Why: The new movie from the fan favorite director

It seemed that over a year ago, Interstellar would be this year's most anticipated movie. After finishing his Batman trilogy that won over millions of fans, Christopher Nolan decided to enter the science fiction genre and create his own version of a space Odyssey in Interstellar.
First thing first: Interstellar is not like last year's Gravity, it's a completely different space film and much more in the science fiction genre.

The special effects and space scenes in the movie are incredible and top of the line, especially how each planet is presented that the crew land on.
Despite being science fiction based, the movie is surprisingly realistic, providing what it is like to be in space and what might actually happen while traveling through an actual worm hole or black hole.

MConaughey and Jessica Chastain deliver great performances as a father and daughter who are greeving after their pulled apart from each other after years and years of separation. Matt Damon gives an unique small entrance as well later on in the film.

Interstellar is thought provoking as well, giving movie goers interesting and unique ideas of futuristic space travel and society.

However, the biggest problem of the movie is that it tries so hard to out do itself. The last 30 minutes of the film does not fit well with the rest of it, providing a rather confusing huh? at the end that will leave many people guessing on unanswered questions in the film.  It's as if the ending of the movie might fit in with a completely different science fiction beast than the one that movie goers just spent three hours watching.

While Interstellar screams epic in every way, it's not Christopher Nolan's best film, nor is it his worst. The film is good but could have been a lot better especially with a changed ending that could go better with the rest of the film.

Grade: B-

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