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Friday, November 14, 2014

A Message to Katy Perry: Taylor Swift's new album is awesome! A-

What: Album Review
Who: Taylor Swift
When: November 2014
Why: As part of the singer's acclaimed cross over to Pop

Several years ago no one knew Taylor Swift would be breaking history yet again by completely changing genres from country to pop. Now, one of the world's most favorite country stars actually did it with a ground breaking new album, 1989. The result is the album is actually one of the better albums of 2014 surprisingly with some iconic songs that show meaning, emotion and talent behind the lyrics and the beat.
Of course, the title refers to the never ending feud between Taylor and Katy Perry, which is not to be missed in any review by the two stars. Just recently, Taylor Swift's new music video has an intense message for Perry, and hell, she even wrote a song about her on the new album.
But let's not get obsessed about feuds. The album is actually good, with almost every song loved based on Taylor's relationships.
It's great listening to because Swift puts so much emotion behind her tunes, and many of her songs are actually much deeper and sentimental than some of her peers, including Perry.
1989 is a beacon album for future pop stars. Many of it can be listened to over and over again with enjoyment that won't end, especially of course the number one lead single, Shake it Off. Out of the Woods and I know Places are also great songs not to be reckoned with.
However, 1989 isn't a perfect pop album-far from it. It's clear Swift still has some ways to go to truly be a pop sensation, but its a good first starting point for the young singer.
Those who will no doubt be following behind her crossing over other genres into pop will be having to live up to 1989 for many years to come.

newest single (and part of it is meant for Perry!):

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