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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don't mess with Clarke: the 100 season 2 rules, A

What: TV Review
Who: The 100, Season 2
When: November 2014
Why: As part of Wildfire Reviews what to watch on your streaming Device

The cw as a whole has truly stepped up to be one of America's best television networks. You just have to watch The 100 in order to understand that their new shows are all about quality and performance.
Last season, the 100 came out as a fun campy sci fi show, however this season, there's more mystery, more thrills and more character development than ever before.
While the first season showed a bit of the CW's familiar teenage drama love stories and quarrels, they've really proceeded to a whole new level in Season Two.
Season Two returns with a bang giving us status's on all our favorite characters and introducing a few more interesting ones. Like Arrow, this show is nothing but creative, introducing new concepts and themes in every episode.
It's highlight watchable, and on top of that, has great special effects and looks wonderful. Where Terra Nova went wrong, the 100 improves significantly, which is always a good thing.
And now, you can watch the entire first Season to catch up to Season 2, which is now in its fifth episode.
It's worth every minute.


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