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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dave Grohl needs to stick it to the man. Sonic Highway disappoints, C-

What: Music Review
Who: Foo Fighters
When: November 2014
Why: The legendary rock group's new album

Let's face it, everyone loves the Foos, and those that don't know who they are and respect the hell out of their iconic front man, Dave Grohl.
Grohl has been the leading face of Rock N Roll within the past few years. Unfortunately, even Grohl himself cannot save the Foos from their disappointing new album, Sonic Highway.
It's easy to understand how the band wanted to make things even more bigger this time around. Hell, their last album was critically acclaimed and was one of the best records of their career so what could possibly go wrong?

Well unfortunately,  Grohl and the gang wanted too much around Sonic Highways. The entire
album revolves around a new HBO show centered around the band.
That's a great and beautiful thing in itself and the Foos are making history as giving the world what its like to record a new album, every step and minute of the way.
It was obvious that there was a talent to put in with Sonic Highways, with each song being recorded in a different city with help from other legendary music artists like Buddy Guy & Heart.

However, each one of the eight new songs on the records sound extremely rough. It's scratchy, and not in a good way.
It's as if Dave Grohl & the Foo fighters sat down for just half an hour and said: lets record a new song and be done with it, because these songs sound as if they were recorded and not much attention was put into them.
Their extremely easy going for the Foo Fighters, who just last year came out with one of the best modern rock songs of all time, 'White Limo'.
HBO may have gotten to Ghrohl's head, which is fine, but rock isn't about showing everyone every little inch and process of how you make music.

With visuals, these songs are powerful, however by themselves, they don't add up. Some songs on the album, like I am a River and the bands singles may be occasionally good, but overall Sonic Highways just doesn't have it like most Foos album do.

The music the Foos do is about rocking out, jamming with your band, and of course as Jack Black said many times in School of Rock, 'Stick it to the Man' which in this case, is HBO.

The Foo Fighters need to take it down a notch and focus more so on the music rather than all the media craziness on their next album because what they do is fantastic. They don't need to show the world everything because the world already loves them.


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