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Friday, November 7, 2014

Lights offers this year's best album by far

What: Music Review
Who: Lights
When: November 2014
Why: Light's 3rd Album

2014 is finally coming to a close and within this year we've had several great album releases including new music from Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Taylor swift and many more. However, so far, none have exceeded the brilliance of Light's new third album, Little Machines.
Lights says that its her best material so far, and just after one listen, one can instantly agree. The Canadian singer song writer has come out with a Tour De Force album, proving that once again she's an amazing song writer and musician.
Her voice and lyrics blend so easily with the rest of the music in the back ground on all the songs on the album its almost haunting, and one can sense that, despite the young age of only 27, she's majorly progressed as an artist.
The new tunes offer a change of sound from the old Lights. They are more mature, better constructed and flow easily. That perhaps, will draw more and more new fans to like her and experience an artist that should be recognized more and more in the next few years.
Yet, the new songs, especially Running with the Boys and Up We Go reflect Light's older style of dance music fans will love and want more of.
The song Portal is a reminder her of when Lights brilliantly released her sophomore album, Siberia acoustically, and is one of the better songs on the new album. It sounds as if it belongs on a future Game of Thrones episode.
Nowadays, Lights is a mom with a baby, and that echoes within the album as well as her music as greatly matured like she has. However, it's all for the best, and her honest song writing and new tunes make Little Machines the best album of 2014 so far.


Newest singles:
Up we go:

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