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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vacation stories & hippie power-Jenny Lewis entertains Ithaca

What: Concert Review
Who: Jenny Lewis
Where: Ithaca State Theater
When: November 8th, 2014
Why: As part of her supporting tour behind her 3rd studio effort, Voyager

Last night American singer and song writer Jenny Lewis performed to a feel good crowd at the Ithaca State Theater. The old architecture of the venue blended in well with Jenny's music throughout the night, and the sound sounded top notch. Jenny sure knows how to entertain a crowd, which she did amazingly well. It was nice to be able to connect to her as she told stories about some of her songs and jammed out to others.

The first thing on everyone's mind of the concert was her amazing outfit that she brought to the stage, a self made top and pants that brought tie dye to a whole new level. She rocked it.
The new songs from Voyager sounded excellent live, and Jenny's older songs drew in the crowd to sing along and cheer to to hits like 'Monkey Maker' from Rilo Kiley, Rise up with Fists, and the Next Messiah.

It's not a secret that Jenny Lewis is also a great story teller as well as a musician. She told a hilarious story behind one of her newer songs about a vacation in Hawaii about a guy drinking his own pee (yes) that brought laughter to the State Theater as well as enjoyment and dancing.

Jenny has a great stage presence, and has a wonderful connection with her band. By the end of the concert, one easily sense how good they get along with each other and how tight knit they really are. The best part of the night was during the encore when the group got together and harmonized Acid Tongue. Their vocals matched well with Jenny's and it was a good sight to hear and see as the performance came to an end.
It was also nice to see Johnnie come on stage and sing a song or two with Jenny and the gang.

Jenny Lewis chose an excellent cover to perform as well during the mid length of their set when they performed Shakedown Street from the Grateful Dead in good musical form that did not miss a beat.

Overall, it was a great concert and not one to be missed. The guitarist of the band was exceptionally good, providing good dance friendly tunes as the night continued. Jenny Lewis and her band is not one to sacrifice when trying to decide on who to see at a festival or when she comes to your town. It's a good time. The only disappointment from this tour was not being able to hear Carpetbaggers live, but that is for another future time indeed. Besides that, everything was else was good with no complaints.


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