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Thursday, November 27, 2014

What to watch on your streaming device: Revolution

What: TV review
who: Revolution, Season Two
Why: Part of Wildfire Reviews what to watch on your streaming device
When: November 2014 (Thanksgiving)

Maybe one can understand why NBC's Revolution got cancelled: lack or viewers and the show does have several flaws, including a major lack of character in one of its biggest main draws: Charlie. Also one can argue the tv series never really decided on what kind of show it wants to be or who it wants to be.
That all being said, Season Two seems to progress much more after the explosive ending of Season One. Charlie's character does seem to somewhat improve slightly better in Season Two, especially with how her character and Monroe's begin to conflict more and more with each other.
Season Two is MUCH different than season one and one of the biggest changes in seasons in recent TV land out there, and that's a good thing for Revolution. Despite the lack of character in Charlie, all the other characters in the show are interesting and show promising development in the second season, especially Aaron & Tom.
The special effects and set pieces remain top notch, and despite Revolution following along the lines of another cult favorite sci-fi similar show, Jericho, it's faced past and true fans of the show will want more and more despite the show's cancellation.

Where can you watch it: Netflix, the entire series
Why: It's an interesting idea and campy fun sci fi
The next step: Watching Jericho

Grade for Season Two:
B or B+

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