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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

AC/DC's new album is actually pretty good, B+

Who: Ac/Dc
What: their new album, Rock or Bust
When: December 2014
Why: another new album from the rock legends

Hey everyone! The legendary rock group AC/DC is back with a whole new LP, Rock or Bust. The band has continued to go out without acclaimed guitarist Malcolm Young, who has left the band due to illness to release their first new album in over half a dozen years since Black Ice.
Rock or Bust is easily the best new album the band has offered int he last fifteen years, over calculating their last effort in many ways.
Ten seconds into the first song and you know this is classic AC/DC. While Rock or Bust doesn't offer anything new, it's a reminder of some of the old AC/DC everyone loves. Every song songs like a 70s hit from the group with their signature huge industrial like guitar riffs. Again, in all of Rock or Bust's 11 tracks, theirs nothing new, but the groups fingerprint sounds is on everyone of them.
If you love old AC/DC, then you'll like Rock or Bust.
The album sounds like it fits right into their discography and not a 'Huh?'
Fans will not be disapointed and AC/DC might even get a few new ones along the way.


newest single:

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