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Friday, December 26, 2014

Kitten is a good first album from the L.A. based group, B+

What: Album Review
Who: Kitten
When: December 2014
Why: the band's first full length debut album

Although this album came out earlier this year n April, Wildfire Reviews is finally reviewing it as our last reviews of 2014. It took them a few years to complete it, but Kitten has finally came out with their debut full length album, Kitten and it's a bit different from what was expected.
It's a no brainier that the album focuses on teenage heart throb lead singer Chloe Chaidez, as it should because she's a highlight of the band. This is especially true with their live shows as she shows boundless energy as she rocks the stage and jumps off amps.
The album is filled with dance groves and pop beats from start to finish. After witnessing some of Kitten's live shows over the past several years (and they have been around), you would think they would be more inclined to the punk metal scene, but not now.
The tunes on the album lean more so to a crisscross between Michael Jackson and Blondie. It's good because Kitten is something fresh and new to the pop scene-their not trying to be like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift but bringing new and upbeat groves to the table.
Its an enjoyable and well liked first album by the L.A. group, Kitten.



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