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Thursday, January 1, 2015

best TV of 2014

What: Television review
Who: Best Television of 2014
Where: Wildfire reviews best of list
When: January 2015

Welcome to Wildfire Reviews best of list, where we pin point the best entertainment of 2014
Here is our list of best TV, where you can watch it and why.

The Best Television show overall:

With amazing cinematography, set pieces, character development and plots, Arrow has become a favorite of many super hero fans and one can understand why. It's as CW has truly accelerated it's super hero programs from the Smallville days because not only is the show less high school drama, but full of everything fan boys and girls would want from a super hero tv show that stays very true to the original comics. With Season two now on Netflix and Season Three coming out on the CW, now's a perfect time to invest in this great show that has a little of both Smallville and Lost to it.

Best New TV show:
The Flash

A spin off of Arrow, the Flash is by far the best 2014 new TV show with great characters, campy set designs and pieces, and let's face it overall fun. And that's what any super hero show should be. The CW has done it again and made a TV just as good if not better than ARROW in forms of THE FLASH, and yes we are talking about the original streaking fastest guy on Earth from DC comics.

Best Returning TV show:
The 100, season 2

While everyone loves the Walking Dead, now might be a good time for deadites to switch over to another sci fi post apocalyptic show-The 100.  While it does have some High School draw the CW is known for, its mythology purely is genius, especially as Season 2 really gets going. The set up is fascinating and the 100 really creates a world you could be drawn into while cheering on your favorite characters like Clarke and Belamy. It's a show that most sci fi fans will be pleased to watch, and hey it's not cancelled yet!

Best TV Actor:
Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin

Let's face it: even if you weren't a fan of Gotham, the new TV show on FX about Batman growing up when his parents were killed, you loved Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin. His performance is brilliant as the crazy mafia obsessed Batman badguy everyone loves, and the character development is strikingly similiar to the one in the DC comics.

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