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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lotus is even better for year #2, night 1 @ the F shed, A

What: Concert Review
Who: Lotus
When: January 24th, 2015
Where: F Shed @ The market, Syracuse, NY
Why: as part of Lotus's two night event

Lotus performs at the F Shed on Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Last night, jam band group Lotus jammed out the F Shed for their two night stay in Syracuse this weekend. They were even better then they were last year when they played their, and the group has seemed to grow an even stronger fan base playing in Syracuse for two back to back evenings.
However, as freezing rain turned into snow outside, the F Shed remained fairly empty when doors opened, but when Lotus took the stage, it was packed with people lined from wall to wall.
The band took in the younger crowd with fans being mostly below their thirties in the audience. There was an average mixture of male and females at the venue, and all of them were dancing throughout Lotus's entire three-hour performance. When you looked around, you could see everyone was enjoying themselves and having a fantastic time moving their hips and swaying to their music as the tunes blasted out from the speakers.
Lotus themselves were excellent, and the sound sounded near perfect and even better from the last time they played their during the spring of 2014. The band seemed to know exactly what they were doing, and it was pretty damn good.
The opening band, The Werks, were great as well and served as perfect openers for Lotus. The Ohio base group had similar music style (except they had vocals), and got the crowd excited and going strong for the headliners of the evening. They played for an hour set that never was boring or missed any major beats.
Overall, it was a great concert and worth going to, one that Upstate Shows and the F Shed should bring similar acts that are dedicated to their music, the venue and fans. The fans were friendly as well, and the guys were dancing just as much as the girls if not more.

Solid A

Photos by Leo Pareti:
Opening Band The Werks:


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