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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What to watch on Demand: Vikings

What: TV review
Who: Vikings
What: Season 1
When: January 2015
Why: Another option besides Game of Thrones

When you think of History Channel, you think of learning based programs and sometimes mini series. What you don't think of are actual series, and good series at that. That's because the History Channel hasn't done one until Vikings, which premiered in 2013. Now two years later, the television show has a dedicated following like series on most other television networks, and hey it's actually pretty damn good.
While Vikings maybe somewhat inaccurate (what movie or TV show based on in real life events these days isn't?), and is slow at time, the advantages make up for these small minor goers.
The first two episodes of Season 1 start off strong, giving us an introduction to all the major characters in the show and what Viking life could have been like, and who isn't interested in the brutal Europeans  that have been greatly romanced over time?
One thing is for sure: Vikings is brutal, and at times extremely gory. Game of Throne fans may take a rejoice in this, and the romance is actually stronger in this show than any other one like it. The conflict between characters is strong, and the best thing about Vikings by far is the cinematography and beautiful visuals the show has in each episode of the landscape and scenery where they live, including the towns and villages.
Overall, if you like Game of Thrones, you will probably like Vikings. Vikings also has a bit of mythology and mystery to it like GOT does, so it's a nice alternative and it actually works as good T.V.


Where can you watch it for free:
Amazon Prime

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