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Thursday, January 15, 2015

the top 5 tv shows to binge watch January & February 2015

What: T.V. Review
Who: Top Binge watching shows
When: January & February 2015
Why: as part of Wildfire Reviews what to Binge watch

Last year, Wildfire Reviews did our first ever top 5 shows to watch for the next two months on your streaming device. Now, we'll be doing a similar format with all new shows that are worth watching and your time and that feels good watch them in the dead of winter with some tea & popcorn.
Since Netflix is cancelling all BBC shows, were narrowing down the list to some great T.V. you can watch from across the pond.

Doctor Who

By now, you should have heard some nasty rumors that Netflix will be cancelling all BBC shows at the end of this month. With what happened several months ago with Battlestar Galactica leaving, it should be no surprise to viewers that no shows stay on Netflix for forever.
And that's why this month should be your one stop Binge to everyone's favorite time traveling Doctor.
The new re Imaged Doctor Who series (although now not so new with 6 seasons under their belts) looks fantastic. The special effects are great, and the actors who play all the Doctors in the series are absolutely fantastic. Just when you start to think, oh great, another Doctor, you'll instantly love the new actor that's playing him.
Each episode has its own greatness to them of every season, and the new Doctor Who never really gets truly boring. It's exciting to watch, so before the time runs out, step into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and Binge Watch a fantastic science fiction series that everyone has been talking about.


Where can I watch it: On almost any streaming device for free (until February 1st)
Why Should I watch it? It's one of those legendary T.V. shows people will be talking about for years and you might never have a chance to 'get with it'

Red Dwarf

Since now might be your last chance on Netflix to watch BBC, there's tons of other great Brit shows you can watch that's leaving besides Doctor Who. Another great space time T.V. show from across the pond is Red Dwarf, which impressively ran for over ten seasons.
The show, although perhaps even more dosed in science fiction than Doctor Who, can be hilariously funny at times. The show follows a seeming less average crew member of a space ship who encounters a disaster that wipes out everyone on board except for him. He wakes up 3,000 years later with two companions-a hologram of his dead room mate and a deformed cat.
Just after watching the first few episodes and you can understand why it almost has a cult following by now. It's  great funny sit com that while most people have forgot about, is still great to watch.


Where can I watch It:
It's an all out funny gag and doesn't even feel like British humor at all at sometimes
What's it like?
Think Doctor Who meets Battlestar Galactica


Let's talk about a non BBC show for a moment. With Game of Thrones demanding screen time for so many millions of viewers, there's been another some what similar show that should be gaining some respect and followers as well. Although Vikings may not be as grand as GOT, it's characters are fascinating, and the set pieces are beautifully put together.
While it can be extremely violent to watch, Vikings is unlike anything the History Channel has ever done, and although it can be a bit slow at times, when this show is good, it's really bloody good.
There is also some great acting in this show done by almost every actor on scene.


Where can I watch it:
Amazon Prime
Whats it like: Game of Thrones meets Thor
Why should you watch it? Break off from GOT and watch something else! For those people that don't want to watch GOT and may still might want some mythology in your shows, this is it!

The Sopranos

Hey, it's winter everyone. That means more time to crash down and rewind and watch some excellent T.V. And let's face it, there's no other better show to watch in the long nights of winter than the one crime drama that became a legend in itself: The Sopranos. Before there was Walter White & Francis Underwood, there was the ultimate TV bad buy everyone loved: Tony.
This show is built on character development, and with Amazon Prime now having every episode in HD format, now might be the perfect time to sit back and enjoy what many call as the best telivision series ever made.

Where Can I watch it:
Amazon Prime
What it's like: There is nothing like The Sopranos
Why should you watch it? It's one of the best T.V. shows of all time.

Being Human (British series)

Let's not forget this little gem. While now the U.S. series have made a name for itself, let's not forget that vampire Mitchell, werewolf George and ghost Anne made a name for themselves first with this iconic British horror drama series.
First of all, everyone should know that Being Human is not just another vampire show. It's a super natural show that has heart, and by the end of the first season, you really get the feel and understanding with these characters unlike the American version. And unlike the American version, this show really has some awesome scenes in it that make no doubt a grousome horror show that fans will love and respect. Watch it before it's gone from Netflix!

Where can I watch it: Netflix
Why should I watch?: It's a great British horror supernatural drama series that isn't just another vampire show.
What it's like: While one can say Being Human is like alot of shows, others can say it's unique in its own way.

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