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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Babadook is a near perfect horror movie, A+

What: Movie Review
Who: The Babadook
When: February 2015
Why: As part of the best movies of 2014

We all know that horror is a difficulty genre to master with many movie goers either loving or hating it. However once in a while, a movie comes along that pleases both die hard fans and non fans alike that everyone loves (The Conjuring). Even fewer horror films are close to perfection and redefine the genre as well. The Babadook does that and much more. Simply put, it's a masterpiece, and not just a near perfect horror film, but one of the best in recent years and perhaps of all time.
What's most shocking about The Babadook is that it's almost a movie within a movie. It's heartfelt, emotional, and has powerful messages about human connection behind the disturbed and insanity of the Babadook.
Above all, the Babadook is terrifying. It's one of those horror movies that gets under your skin with the first disturbing scene that it goes through, and it will stay with you for days. At the same time, the horror balances between the emotion and character connection between the mother and son throughout the movie.
It's a horror movie that uses suspense and real horror instead of gore and fake scares, and that ultimately is more satisfying than almost any horror film done in recent years.
Everything about the film is done exceptionally well, including the directing by female director Jennifer Kent who does great pieces throughout the film. The Babadook is pretty damn scary once he appears, and hey, he even has a pretty bad ass name. It's a film that might have been done a lot more differently if it was directed by a man, but Kent's way of looking at the mother and son's struggle with the demon is amazing in its own right.
Even the acting by the two lead characters is suburb, which is usually a rarity in horror flicks. Newcomer Noah Wiseman is exceptionally good as the boy in the film.
The Babadook offers a new fresh taste to horror and is a masterpiece that belongs on the shelf with Night of the Living Dead, The Shining and the Exorcist. Watch it in order to believe it.

Grade: A+

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