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Saturday, February 7, 2015

what to watch on Demand: The Interview, B-

What: Movie Review
Who: The Interview
When: February 2015
Where: Netflix

At the beginning of last year, no one had heard of the Interview, but by Christmas, almost everyone in America was talking about it. 2014's biggest talked about movie is now available on Netflix, and now you can see what all the fuss is about.
While The Interview is certainly one of the most funniest movies in recent years by Franco and Rogen, it comes with some major set backs that unfortunately may be too much for the iconic actors in the lead rolls.
The political controversy was a huge hit to the film both financially and determining how good it was. The assassination attempt was a bit over done to say the least, but perhaps the biggest thing about this film was that it could have been a lot more better and more significant than it tried to be.
However, the chemistry between Franco and Rogen is as strong as ever, and it's obvious that these two funnymen will go nothing short to deliver a few good laughs the audience. You'll no doubt squeeze a 'lol' at least once through out the film, which is after all, what comedy films are meant to do.

Overall grade:

Where can you watch it:

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