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Friday, March 13, 2015

Is Madonna still relevant? new album says yes, B+

What: Music Review
Who: Madonna
When: March 2015
Why: Her 13th Studio released Album

In a music pop world dominated by female hit makers Katy Perry, Taylor swift and new comers like Meghan Trainor, it's difficult for anyone to stay on top. But of course, there is always Madonna, and as her new album "Rebel Heart" shows, there always will be Madonna.
Like many new albums by all pop stars, "Rebel Heart" sure has it's up and downs. There are several flaws of the album that cannot be ignored, including it being a bit too long with 19 tracks. With so many new songs, there's bound to be some mistakes and moments that just make you go huh.
However, despite these missteps, "Rebel Heart" is pure Madonna. It's more ambitious than anything so far released in 2015, and Madonna is showing the world that she's still a badass and relevant with songs like 'Bitch, I'm Madonna' and 'Devil Pray'. The album is pure pop and shows her signature trademarks, especially with tracks like 'Joan of Arc' and the title song.
Madonna fans won't be disappointed with the new record, and she may even gain some knew ones. Which is what every new album should do, so in regards, the new album by Madonna isn't that bad at all and worth a listen to.

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